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Heroes come in all shapes and forms. Honor your hero with a spot on the Map of Heroes for $5.

This includes their place on the map, a custom link to their marker, and a personal note to celebrate them. Recognize and share the story of your hero in a unique and lasting way.

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Map of Heroes: The Brainchild of Late Nights and Questionable Coding Skills

The Challenge: Back in 2015, I stumbled upon a LinkedIn challenge that seemed simple enough: make something that earns $100 with a shoestring budget. I thought, 'How hard could it be?' Famous last words, right? My big idea was a Google Maps interface where people could celebrate their heroes. I had grand visions, minimal programming skills, and a $20 limit. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t a roaring success as I simply lacked the technical ability to build it. Ambition doesn’t automatically translate into coding expertise.

The Turning Point: Fast forward to October 2023. As a sleep-deprived new parent, armed with AI tools and a steady supply of coffee, I spent quiet hours with my baby as a sidekick and finally cracked the code. Literally. What emerged was Map of Heroes – not just a map, but a testament to stubbornness and caffeine.

The Invitation: Now, Map of Heroes stands as a digital monument to the unsung heroes in our lives. For a modest $5, you can add your hero to our global map, helping me tick off a box from my 2015 to-do list. Better late than never, right? Thanks for stopping by. Whether you're here to nominate a hero or just to see if I could actually pull this off, your support means a lot. Here's to celebrating heroes and finishing what I started.