About Map of Heroes

Discover the story and technology behind the Map of Heroes project.

The Vision of Map of Heroes

Map of Heroes is a celebration of the everyday people who make a difference. It's a place where anyone can shine a spotlight on someone who embodies the spirit of heroism. For $5, not only do you get to honor these individuals, but you also make their stories known to a global audience on our interactive map. It's an enduring tribute to the unsung heroes who bring hope, courage, and joy into our lives.

Our heroes shape the world with their bravery, compassion, and integrity. From the teacher whose lessons extend beyond the classroom to the community volunteer who dedicates their life to others, heroes deserve recognition. Map of Heroes is your platform to ensure they receive it.

Why Nominate a Hero?

  • Recognition: Your hero's story will be immortalized on our global map for friends, family, and the world to see.
  • Appreciation: Show your hero how much their actions mean to you and others whose lives they've touched.
  • Inspiration: Sharing these stories inspires others to act heroically in their daily lives.

Ongoing Commitment

As Map of Heroes evolves, we are continuously enhancing the site to ensure a seamless experience, robust security, and optimal performance. Nominate a hero today and let the world know about the incredible people who walk among us.

Celebrate your Hero in 3 Easy Steps

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